Toddler Room

 Toddler Room Program


Educators in the Toddler room will plan, implement and evaluate activities for children’s learning based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

This framework conveys the highest expectations for all children’s learning from birth to five years through the following five learning outcomes:

–       Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity.

–       Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

–       Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

–       Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.

–       Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.

These outcomes acknowledge that children learn in a variety of ways and vary in their capabilities and pace of learning.

Educators in the toddler room therefore plan for each child as an individual respecting culture and family life, ability, interests, skills, gender as well as numerous other contributing factors.

The educators in the toddler room use a monthly web based program display which consists of activities that have been planned based on a child’s initial interest, teacher directed experiences, spontaneous experiences, group learning projects, developmental follow ups, parent feedback and suggestions and community involvement

Carabella’s Philosophy, as well as many other developmental theorists and the Early Years Learning Framework state that:

Play is a context for learning

Therefore as an example, some activities that you may see programmed could include sand play, building with blocks, dramatic play, sensory play, art experiences, language and literacy experiences, puzzles, construction, music and movement, obstacle courses and ball throwing

 All planned activities will contribute to your child’s development and learning journey at Carabella.

 Focus Groups


When your child commences their journey at Carabella they will be assigned a focus teacher.

This focus teacher will be the person responsible to programming and documenting your child’s learning in the Toddler Room.

Our aim is for your child to experience comfort, continuity and security while they are at Carabella; the appointment of a primary focus teacher fosters the development of trusting, responsive and reciprocal relationships between your child and the caregiver.

Your child will be allocated their focus teacher based on the days which they attend the service.


Your child’s learning journey at Carabella is documented in two primary forms:

–       A daily journal containing photos and short descriptions of what your child has been engaged in throughout the day.


–       Your child will also have an individualised portfolio that showcases their interests and learning during their time in the toddler room.




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