Carabella Early Learning Centre | Our Program
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Our Program

As a basis for our curriculum, Carabella uses the Early Years Learning Framework.

the framework

This framework is divided into 5 specific learning outcomes which are as follows:

Outcome 1:  Children have a strong sense of identity

Outcome 2:  Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Outcome 3:  Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Outcome 4:  Children are confident and involved learners

Outcome 5:  Children are effective communicators

These outcomes are broad and acknowledge that children learn in a variety of ways and vary in their capabilities and will ultimately learn at their own pace. The programs are planned to provide a balance between indoor and outdoor activities, active and passive participation, large and small group involvement, large and small muscle development, and Teacher directed versus child initiated activities.

Each Child’s individual learning in relation to the five key areas is influenced by the child’s current capabilities, dispositions and learning preferences.

Children’s learning is ongoing and each child will progress towards the outcomes in different and equally meaningful ways.


Your child’s learning journey at Carabella is documented through an online program called Kinderloop.

Kinderloop is a secure internet based program that provides the carers at Carabella an opportunity to share information with your family through real-time updates of photos and information about what the children learn each day as both an individual and within a group.

The benefits of Kinderloop include:

  • It is secure and private.
  • The data is only accessible by the families members invited.
  • Staff capture news, events, photos, and reminders as they happen and send it straight to you
  • Family members can continue the learning with their children at home
  • Easy reporting on developmental milestones, learning journeys, and school-wide updates
  • Securely invite additional family members worldwide to view their child’s Kinderloop
  • Available to view at a time that suits you

We work to provide a warm, safe, caring, stimulating environment that meets all developmental needs.


Educators in the Toddler room will plan, implement and evaluate activities for your child.

Junior Pre School

Each child is allocated a focus teacher who will observe, plan and program for their individual needs

Pre School

We promote independence, self-regulation and responsibility when getting school ready.


At Carabella Early Learning we believe that consistent, qualified and experienced educators in adequate numbers provide better outcomes for children through quality interactions and positive experiences. Carabella Early Learning is currently home to 24 amazing members of staff who all come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

Over 50% of Carabella Early Learning’s staff are Diploma trained and we have 3 Early Childhood Teachers on premises.  All our staff are dedicated to applying the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Framework and Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics to create a warm, safe, secure environment which encourages the natural curiosity in each child to flourish.

We believe professional development is part of our ongoing learning and enables belonging, being and becoming in educators. Continual learning comes from children, researchers, other professionals, in-service courses, publications and within our own community.

We believe in collaboration, care, consideration and a shared workload. This means that everyone, regardless of qualification brings diverse perspectives, contributions, common goals and are not exempt from any task in the centre.


We offers a five week rotational menu. A variety of dishes are offered to the children, including beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetarian. We cater for children with food allergies, intolerances and religious requirements. Below are 2 examples of menu’s offered.


A variety cereals, toast, and milk

Morning Tea
Chocolate chip and oat slice, milk, water and sliced fruit

Mongolian Lamb with rice, steamed carrots, beans and broccoli

Afternoon Tea
Mixed sandwiches

Rice cakes


A variety cereals, toast, and milk

Morning Tea
Melted cheese toasted muffins, milk, water and sliced fruit

Spaghetti Bolognaise, garlic bread and fresh tossed salad

Afternoon Tea
Sultana scones

Rice cakes